Monday, December 26, 2011

Selenite and Angel Number Message Number 918

Selenite crystals are remarkably peaceful. They carry a very high vibration, and instill clarity ...of mind and a deep sense of inner peace. Selenite will assist you in opening your crown chakra and it can even assist you in contacting your Spiritual Guides and Angels.

Another wonderful property of Selenite is that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. You will never need to cleanse or recharge your Selenite crystal, as you need to do with many metaphysical stones.

Selenite is one of the more powerful healing stones for the new age and spiritual work. It is excellent for meditation, and ensures a peaceful environment when stones are placed around the home.

Rubbing a smooth piece of Selenite will calm and lift your energy and may even help you enter into the realm of dreams, intuition, Spiritual Guides and Angels.

If you are interested in increasing your psychic or telepathic abilities, place a piece of Selenite on your Third Eye Chakra (in between or slightly above your eyebrows).

These are just a few of the many healing and metaphysical properties of Selenite. The insight and energy Selenite provides is valuable in any healing or spiritual practice.

I received one for Christmas. I cannot wait to try it out. 

As for my latest Angel Number, I saw 918 today while meditating. Here is the meaning behind the number: Your passion about your career ensures your success and support. Follow your hearts guidance. 

I am very passionate about going back to school in August to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner. In fact, I am so excited about it that I actually want time to fly. LOL! Normally I want to savor each moment. I know that I have to be patient because this new adventure is on God's time and cannot be rushed. Doesn't hurt to be excited though does it? Many blessings to you during this holiday season. Give love.....get love. ( :

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  1. Thank you for your message, and thank you for your fair tidings. Wherever you are on the road in your life, may the heavens shine above and within you. Namaste!